Penis Function and Spinal Cord Injury: 3 Types of Problems

As many readers understand, penis health may be a bit complex. a number of it is straightforward and immediately involves the penis, which include worrying for dry penis skin or checking for symptoms of sexually-transmitted infections. different instances, penis care may also relate to parts of the frame beyond the organ itself. Such is the case with spinal twine injuries, that have the ability to effect penis health, on occasion significantly.

The spinal wire

The spinal cord is “an extended, skinny, tubular package of worried tissue and assist cells that extends from the medulla oblongata in the brainstem to the lumbar area of the vertebral column. The mind and spinal wire collectively make up the valuable worried gadget (CNS).” Its number one characteristic is the transmission of nerve signals for the duration of the frame, in addition to assisting to coordinate the frame‘s reflexes.

Sexual response depends upon the body‘s capacity to transmit messages alongside the spinal cord. So, if gets injured, it can probably result in penis issues for a person.

Sexual problems

most often, the penis troubles that could end result from a spinal twine damage are erectile disorder or ejaculatory troubles.

Erections have a tendency to be labeled in 3 categories:

– Psychogenic. this is the sort of erection that comes about from thinking sexually stimulating mind or viewing erotic imagery.

– Reflexogenic. This erection happens when the penis is bodily inspired, as when it is stroked with the aid of someone or orally aroused.

– Spontaneous. those erections commonly occur due to a few inner stimuli, together with having a bladder this is full of urine.

precisely which a part of the spinal cord is damaged and how badly the damage is will decide which type of erection is affected and to what degree. In some instances, erection isn’t affected, whilst in others erection is impeded but nonetheless viable. In other cases, it’s miles not going a person may have erections at all.

In a few very uncommon instances, a spinal cord injury can also result in priapism, a scenario in which a man experiences a completely painful erection so as to now not deflate.

some spinal twine accidents result in a state of affairs known as anejaculation, in which a man is not able to ejaculate. any other feasible aspect impact is retrograde ejaculation, wherein semen is diverted into the bladder as opposed to leaving thru the urethra.


Spinal cord accidents may be very critical and have an effect on many elements of the frame. remedies for sexual problems related to spinal cord harm vary of their effectiveness, relying upon the specifics of the injury. but, here are some of the everyday remedy alternatives:

– Oral medicinal drug, which include sildenafil, that is often utilized in treating erectile dysfunction in men. In men with spinal wire accidents, there is a great achievement price.

– Injections. some guys respond to having remedy injected directly into the penis so one can reap an erection.

– Vacuum pumps. these devices fit snugly around the penis and then create a vacuum, which attracts blood into the penis to encourage an erection.

– Implants. Penile prostheses replace elements of the penis with artificial factors which can be without difficulty brought about to extend.

accidents can bring about good sized penile demanding situations for a person. but, irrespective of the diploma to which sexual characteristic may be altered, a person still needs to frequently use a advanced penis fitness crème (fitness professionals propose man 1 guy Oil, which is clinically tested slight and safe for skin) to assist keep his ordinary penis fitness. The first-class crèmes will include substances, including Shea butter and vitamin E, which could assist keep the penis skin hydrated and less liable to flakiness. The crème should additionally include vitamin A, which has precise antibacterial properties that combat the bacteria accountable for unwanted continual penis odor.


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